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On January 9, 2019 Transport Canada announced the NEW remotely piloted aircraft systems/unmanned aviation vehicle regulations and knowledge requirements for flying in Canada.

Anyone flying a RPAS/UAV over 250g are now required to undertake new licensing procedures, including the Basic and Advanced pilot certifications. These changes are significant, but not hard to achieve, especially with the help of aviation expert David Curry and the rest of the MIR Aviation team.

Our textbook, online and in-person courses, and flight reviews support Canadians in their learning and compliance, whether flying for fun or for work!

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There are 3 key differences between Basic and Advanced pilot training.

No, you do not have to get basic first, then advanced – the difference actually depends on your application, and where you intend to fly your RPAS/UAV.

  • In uncontrolled airspace only
  • Can only fly 30m (100 feet) away from people
  • Cannot fly overhead of people
  • In controlled and uncontrolled airspace
  • Can fly 5m (16 feet) away from people
  • Can fly 30m (100 feet) overhead of people

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David is a recognized expert in all aspects of Aviation. He has 36 years of solid aviation experience, knowledge, and expertise. His diverse background in Aviation includes working as a Pilot, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, and Aviation Manager. He’s Basic Aviation Risk Standard (BARS) certified, ISO 9001 accredited, a Member of the International Society of Air Safety Investigators and a former Instructor of Avionics and Electrical Systems at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT).

Passion is “safety” and it is his philosophy that forms our guiding principle ”SAFETY in the AIR, BEGINS ON THE GROUND.” David has taken his experiences into a position as Lead Aviation Safety Investigator/Auditor, and after retiring became the Author of the recent publication “Canadian RPAS Study Guide – Basic and Advanced Pilot Operations” written as guide for new operators and a reference tool for all other members in the emerging RPAS industry.

David’s many years of aviation experience demonstrated skills in teaching, and his in-depth understanding and Knowledge to Transport Canada’s CAR’s is what makes MIR Aviation a UAV/Drone industry leader. This creates a competitive advantage for all MIR students and clients.

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